Thursday, October 01, 2009

~Pricing Information~

*Cake Bites*
(Minimun 1 dozen per Flavor/Chocolate Combination)
$10 per dozen
*Peanut Butter Bites*
$15 per dozen
*Sugar Cookies*
$20 per dozen
*Sugar Cookie Bites*
(Minimun 5 dozen per order)
$7 per dozen
*Sugar Cookie Decorating Kits*
$25 per dozen giant Cookies including Edible Ink Pens
$20 per dozen
Packaging Options
*Bites placed in individual White Cups*
$2 per dozen
*Letter or Number added to top of Bites*
$2 per dozen
*2 Bites Wrapped as Party Favor*
(Includes Ribbon and White Cups)
$3 per dozen
*Large Sugar Cookies Wrapped as Party Favor*
$2 per dozen

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