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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Sweet Circus

Before we even had our recent Wild Thing set completed we were searching through Nikki's illustrated sets on Etsy again for our next fun project. It didn't take long to find one we couldn't resist!
 {These are from Nikki's Circus bundle-fantastic colors and we love all the details!}
 {These were some of our favorites in the bunch!}
We're hoping to cookie-fy more of Nikki's illustrations in the future! Which ones are your favorites? We'd love suggestions!

You can find more amazing illustrations from Nikki on her blog Here.

Incredible pictures by Andrea Hallett Photography.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dressed Like A Wild Thing

Any chance you remember our Zombie Love project from a little while back? Or our experience with a Yellow Submarine? Well we've done something similar, and as expected, we're loving the Wild results.

Wendy found an incredible artist on Pinterest(we love them!), and her name is Nikki. This brilliant woman is our new best friend and a very happy source of inspiration for us. Sometimes things just work out beautifully.
 {See what I mean! Wanna see a bit closer?}
 {Aren't they so completely adorable?!}
 These adorable illustrations are from Nikki's 'Dressed Like A Wild Thing' bundle on Etsy, and you should seriously jump over there and snag it now. She's also brilliant in that she gives an instant download once you pay for a bundle-no waiting around for the shop owner to get back to you with your goodies!
 {That little grey boy off to the right is Brittanie's fav-Wendy loved all the toes!}
Nikki's detail on these really makes them stand out, even down to the tiny little dotting on every character. If you think these babies are cute, you should definitely sneak a peak at her Etsy shop. We've gone through all of her pages and can't wait to get more of her sweet images on our Sugar Cookies!

As if her shop wasn't enough, she maintains multiple blogs with a variety of themes-check out the options HERE.
{Nikki gave us her permission to use her images and we were happy to pay for them!}

Gorgeous images provided by Andrea Hallett Photography


Monday, July 01, 2013

We Love Us Some...

What about you? Are you officially hooked? To be honest we were a little slow getting Snickety Snacks into it, but we love what it lets us do. Not all of our orders can get into the hands of one of our professional photographers(we love them too!), but we love to share what we're working on as it happens. Out comes the phone, click click, add a fun filter and we're good to go! 
 {Wendy is killing it with these beautiful Rose Cakes! The frosting on this one tasted like Donuts, wahoo!}
 {Loving these Dragon cookies for YHL}
 {Awesome Cookie for the awesome FOB-more HERE}
 {Sweet little girls Wendy created-Putting her painting skills to use!}
 {A sweet little side project-More from this coming soon!}
 {Natty Boh wedding favors}
{Treats for the lovely Quench}
This last one was our intro into the happy world of Instagram Giveaways! We've got a fun new way to give you Freebies and it's super simple, here's the Breakdown:
-Find and follow us on Instagram HERE
-Giveaway posts look like the one above and are an example of the cookies you'll receive. Once you see this, Re-Gram it by taking a screen shot(click here for help with this) and then uploading it to your personal Instagram account
-Get our attention by adding @snicketysnacks to the image and the require hashtag(like #snicketysnacksbeachy used above)
-If you're a private user, not a problem! Just comment on our Giveaway photo and you're good to go.
-The Instagram Giveaways are good to ship, so anyone in the country is eligible

Now for the fun part, what you win! We'll send you a 'mini-set' of cookies just like the ones pictured. You'll get 4-9 cookies depending on the design style and we'll deliver them or ship them to you right away! 

Not interested in being a part of Giveaways but still have an Instagram account? We love you too! We'd love to see the treat setup you create once you receive your orders so throw it our way with @snicketysnacks or #snicketysnacks !

Happy Instagramming!

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