Thursday, June 09, 2011


Be honest, how happy does this picture make you?

Something about opening up that bakery box and looking at all the options just makes me smile! With a boost in Cupcake orders lately, I thought I'd take a minute to show you your options if you're in the mood for some Cupcake-y goodness!

For you frosting lovers, you've got two fun options to pick from...

*The Swirl*

and *The Rose*!And because everyone loves at least one kind of Sprinkle, I've got you all covered!
Jimmies, Nonpareils, Sanding Sugar, Confetti Style, Sugar Pearls and Edible glitter are just a few of the options! With a collection of over 100 types Cupcake toppings, you're guaranteed to get something you Love(like these super cute Hearts)!
So what are you waiting for?Get these *Snickety Snacks* in your home!

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One Response to “Cupcakes!”

sostinkinhappy said...

Um..that picture makes me ridiculously happy!!!! I would like 12 to go, please.