Saturday, November 17, 2012

*CookieCon Cookies*

A few weeks ago the two of us attended the first ever CookieCon in Utah and it was a blast! In a nutshell it was a 3 day event with 200 other 'Cookiers' (Sugar Cookie Decorators), and a few fantastic instructors who taught a bunch of different techniques. Part of the fun event was a Sugar Show-4 different set categories, and each attendee had the option to bring entries, 1 for each. We jumped on the opportunity and here are the fun results....
(A big huge thank you to Jen Anderson for these great last minute pictures! It was fantastic to see you!)
{Brittanie's Wild Card Entry}
 {Brittanie's Fall Entry}
 {Brittanie's Winter Entry}
 {Wendy's Winter Entry-She won Instructor's Pick by Arty McGoo! Wahoo!}
 {Wendy's Good Ol' Days Entry}
 {Wendy's Wild Card Entry-She won 3rd place Attendee Pick! These painted Cookies were a huge hit!}

If you're as in love with these painted Cookies as I am, you'll love that soon we'll be making this style available to you!

Brittanie's Fall & Winter entries were based off the fantastic work of  Annie from DigiMyWorld. Thank you so much for letting me borrow your sweet work for these cookies!

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