Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Save Rock and Roll!

Here's a quick little story about a girl's love for a certain band, and the crazy adventure
she convinced her Mom to help with...
Brittanie kind of loves Fall Out Boy. With a passion. Her amazing husband surprised her with tickets to see them in May in DC, and in anticipation of said event, Brittanie decided to go a bit crazy with Sugar Cookies.
One specific Cookie actually. This one. 
This baby is roughly 11" by 16" and is kind of incredible to us, and totally edible for them. It was inspired
by Fall Out Boy's poster for the Save Rock and Roll arena tour later this year.
It was accompanied by a second gigantic cookie with the band's logo on it, and given to the club to avoid it going to waste. Miraculously it was passed on to the band's tour manager, who then handed it off to the band and crew.
I think they liked it. A lot. 
Joe, one of FOB's guitarists, Instagram'ed this and had Brittanie jumping up and down like a lunatic in the middle of Target hours before the performance. And it only got better minutes before the concert started.
 Hello Pete! Cue to Brittanie jumping up and down yet again. 19+ thousand 'Likes' on Instagram and a whole bunch of fantastic comments later and we are still thrilled with the response from friends and strangers. 

I'm seeing more gigantic concert cookies in our near future. Most definitely.

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One Response to “Save Rock and Roll!”

Heather @ Snookies Cakes said...

That's great! I'm laughing so much at her excitement. And wonderful job on the cookies.